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Life can be tough at times and a holiday can be a great blessing giving time to have fun and recouperate. We want all our guests to leave our holidays feeling blessed. However, with all the difficulties people are facing right now we hope the videos and content on this page are a blessing to you in the meantime as they have been to us at this difficult time.

World Blessing

World Blessing 2022

Hope without Borders - The Blessing was released a few days before the pandemic. Since then it has been performed by tens of thousands of people in 257 languages in 154 countries with hundreds of millions of views. This is a compilation of 500 of these diverse videos of a world united by God's Blessing. We very much need this at this time in our world's history

UK Blessing

UK Blessing 2020

Throughout the pandemic churches in the UK got together and produced this video as they wanted to sing a blessing over the nation at that very difficult time. It is so moving and encouraged us enormously when things were so hard.

Portugal Blessing

Portugal Blessing 2020

On the 24th March 2020 we were due to fly back from Portugal to the UK to start the season of painting holidays! Our bags were packed and just as we were walking out the door we discovered that our flight and all subsequent flights to the UK were cancelled and we were unable to return to the UK until June 2021. We spent 15 months of lockdowns in Portugal which was a blessing! There were times of despair in respect to the difficulties we faced as a company and personally but God led us in many ways throughout that time despite these difficulties.

Portugal Blessing Lyrics

Lyrics for Portugal Blessing 2020

We thought you might like to read the lyrics in Portuguese as I used this throughout the pandemic to sing along to it in Portuguese which helped me learning Portuguese and learn to receive God's peace.

All Creation Calls

The Beauty of God's Creation

For many years now, I have had a vision for the Beauty of God’s Creation and over those years I have sought to communicate that vision through Art and Photography. In the early years that was expressed through my photography in Cheddar Gallery including the many photographs and artwork we sold in the Gallery.

As the painting holidays developed this vision, passion, desire or whatever you want to call it was expressed through getting out in His Creation on the painting holidays.

Since lockdown I sought to express it through my own paintings which can be found at

I may not be a brilliant artist and you know when you have a picture in your head of how you want to paint it and it never comes out on the paper or canvas quite as you intended. Well that is kind of how I feel about this vision for the beauty of God’s creation because like a painting that cannot be described with mere words without seeing it, then this is true of God’s creation. So I hope this short video called “All Creation Calls” might go some way towards explaining how I feel when I see God expressed in beautiful scenery as sometimes I feel like my heart is going to burst with joy. There are other times when you feel peace, other times exhilaration but whatever the emotion is you cannot be unaffected by being in and part of God’s creation and more importantly, God is the best anti-dote for the terrible times we are facing in the world today.

Our Vision


Numbers 6 V 24-16

The Lord Bless you and keep you.

The Lord make his face to shine on you.

The Lord turn his face towards you and give you peace.

And Finally....despite all the difficulties we are all facing right now, we hope and trust that you find peace on one of our holidays and that they are a blessing to you.